The research community at SE TAF is highly productive. Almost 450 peer-reviewed papers were generated in 2006/2007. For the full list of SYNTHESY FPVI outputs click here.

A summary of research highlights from SE TAF scientists can be found in the table below

  • New insights on earliest multicellular organisms
  • X-ray micro-tomography of early animal embryos and early flowering plants
  • New interpretations of extinct seed plants and seed plant phylogeny
  • Patterns of early evolution of birds based on data from different genes
  • Separation of the marine invertebrates Nemertodermatida and Acoela (formerly classified as flatworms) in early bilaterian clades, implying planula-like bilaterian ancestor
  • Transportation and fate of contaminants in temperate and sub-arctic environments
  • Impact of persistent organic compounds on fish-eating mammals
  • New micro-analytical methods reveal mechanisms of boron incorporation in silicates
  • Isotopic constraints on the evolution of the Earth’s earliest continental crust and life
  • Occurrence and role of hydrogen in mantle minerals
  • Elemental flux of particles and colloids between continents and oceans

SE TAF Member Institutions

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Naturhistoriska riksmuseet (NRM) Stockholm, Sweden