Who we are

DeWorm3 is a global project comprising partners across the world working together towards a common goal.  

Dr Judd Walson

Principal Investigator of DeWorm3
Principal Research Fellow at the Natural History Museum
Associate Professor at the University of Washington





Benin trial site

Dr Moudachirou Ibikounlé - Site Principal Investigator

Dr Adrian Luty - Site Principal Investigator

Parfait Houngbegnon - Site Data Manager


India trial site

Dr Sitara S.R. Ajjampur - Site Principal Investigator

Jasmine Farzana - Site Data Manager

Saravanakumar Puthupalayam Kaliappan - Site Trial Coordinator


Malawi trial site

Dr Khumbo Kalua -  Site Principal Investigator

Professor Robin Bailey - Site Principal Investigator

Alvin Chisambi - Site Data Manager

Stefan Witek-McManus, Site Trial Coordinator



The Natural History Museum 

Dr Tim Littlewood - Senior Responsible Officer DeWorm3

Iain Gardiner - Chief Operating Officer 

Dr Fabian Schär - Laboratory Processes Lead

Dr Raju Misra - Laboratory Consultant

Marina Papaiakovou - Laboratory Coordinator

Elodie Yard - Trial Liaison Benin

Leanne Doran - Operations Manager

Catherine Wheller - Communications Manager

Dr David Rollinson - PPAC Member DeWorm3

Clinical trial and implementation science support unit

University of Washington

Dr Arianna Rubin Means - Implementation Lead Researcher

Dr Kristjana Ásbjörnsdóttir - Project Statistician

Marie-Claire Gwayi-Chore  - Research Assistant

Sean Galagan - Data Manager

Mira Emmanuel-Fabula - Data Quality Manager

Barbara Richardson - Study Statistician

Deborah Donnell - Statistician

Katherine Thomas - Statistician

Economic analysis support unit

The Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

Dr Fabrizio Tediosi - Support Unit Lead

Katya Galactionova - Research Associate

Modelling and trial simulation support unit

Imperial College London

Professor Sir Roy Anderson - Support Unit Lead

Dr Marleen Werkman - Research Associate

Dr James Truscott - Research Associate

Dr James Wright - Research Associate

Trial conduct and coordination support unit

The London School for Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Dr Rachel Pullan

Dr Kate Halliday - Trial Director

Dr Will Oswald - Data Systems Manager

David Kennedy - Data Systems Assistant

Hugo Legge - Assistant Trial Coordinator



Research partners

DeWorm3 is founded on a strong community of experts in STHs parasitology research, health managers, community leaders and participants.