Lates: Beauty in the Beasts

After hours at the Museum

Enjoy exhibitions, talks, science demos, food and drinks by night on the last Friday of the month.

This June, there's more to Lates than meets the eye.

From wriggling worms to creepy, crawly creatures, many things in the natural world make us squirm. But why do we react that way, and are nature’s nightmares really so bad? Can parasites be positive? Do spiders have a softer side?

Join us as we look for the beauty in the beasts. 

  • 29 June 2018, 18.00-22.00

  • Free entry, with some paid activities. 

The Ick Factor

Join ‘disgustologist’ Val Curtis from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine as we explore the psychology of revulsion.

Does it Fart?

Dogs do it, millipedes do it, but octopuses don't. Meet Daniella Rabaiotti from ZSL and discover the curious nature of animal flatulence.


Pop-up science stations

Meet our scientists and discover some unsavoury habits of beautiful butterflies, some not-so-monstrous deep-sea fish and gain a new perspective on parasites.

Go behind the scenes

Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Museum's fascinating zoology spirit collection, where you'll meet Archie the giant squid.

Hang out with Hope

Grab a drink, marvel at Hope the blue whale and take a guided tour of Hintze Hall narrated by Sir David Attenborough in our visitor app.

Visit exhibitions

Buy your tickets to visit Wildlife Photographer of the Year at Lates this month.