The Natural History Museum Vienna (NHMW) is located in the centre of Vienna. The majority of NHMW research staff are lecturers at the University of Vienna, which stimulates research collaborations that SYNTHESYS IA Users can benefit from. The collections comprise more than 35 million specimens including more than 600,000 types

The Herbarium of the University of Vienna is closely connected with NHMW and access to these collections is also offered.

AT TAF research highlights

The research community at AT-TAF is highly productive. Over 120 peer-reviewed papers were generated in 2006/2007. AT TAF research highlights include:

  • Project Stone 5 and 6 (minerals on satellites, investigated as artificial meteorites after landing)
  • Research in caves leading to environmental protection and high quality access for tourist industry developments (Alistrati / Greece and Al Hoota / Oman)
  • Investigation of the early humans of Lautsch (31.000 years old)
  • Changes and trends of climate in the last 40 millions of years
  • Hybridisation and species diversity of falcons
  • Water beetles as indicators for quality of rivers - China Water Beetles project

AT TAF Member Institutions

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Natural History Museum Vienna (NHMW) Vienna, Austria